Dc Super Heroes | FAQ
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Is this exhibition just for children?

No, this is an art exhibition which appeals to all ages. The artist happens to use Lego bricks as his medium to create works of art.

The exhibition has a wardrobe?

Yes it is.

How do we get to the exhibition?

There are detailed instructions on the website section FINDING US

How long will it take us to go through the exhibition?

The visit will take between 45 minutes and an hour to complete, and then finishes off with an interactive and play section.

Do I need to provide ID for concession tickets?

Yes, proof of age will be required for certain concession tickets.

Is the location accessible to disabled people?

Palazzo degli Esami is accessible for people with disabilities due to the presence of a ramp at the road level and a stairlift with a maximum capacity of 180kg.

How do I book a disabled access ticket?

These tickets need to be made directly at the exhibition. For more information please check the section INFORMATION

Can I visit the exhibition bringing my dog?

Entrance is allowed only to small-sized dogs, if carried inside pet carriers.

Can i visit the exhibition with my child in the stroller?

No, strollers should be left in the cloakroom

Can we take pictures/video inside the exhibition?

Yes you can.

Other general warnings?

It is forbidden to introduce food and drink.

Smoking is forbidden.

It is forbidden to run and cause disturbance to other visitors.

It is forbidden to touch and lean the artworks.